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C. Jay Dinero "All In" (CD)

by C. Jay Dinero


This is the physical pressing of C. Jay Dinero's album "All In". The CD is in a standard full jewel case and individually wrapped. The album contains 16 tracks:

1. 10 Toes Down
2. Man of The Year
3. Special
4. Can I Get Paid? (feat. King Choppa)
5. Bombay Sippin'
6. Little Black Girl Lost (feat. Shayla Chantel & Jai King)
7. Yes Lawd (Interlude)
8. Yes Lawd
9. All In
10. Time
11. Smile
12. Show & Prove
13. Came Up (feat. King Choppa)
14. Elevated Fly Shit
15. Top Down (feat. Crunch Chief)
16. Non-Fiction