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Mr. Rage "Money & Respect" (CD) OG Print (Limited Quantity)

by Mr. Rage

$20.00 / Sold Out

Limited quantity of original print (CD) of Mr. Rage's "Money & Respect".

Executive Producer: Rob People; 3P.


1. Goddamn
2. 1,2,3 (ft Rob People)
3. The Setup
4. Off Da Chain (ft Rob People, That Dude Jasper & Freaky J)
5. The Crunk Song
6. Can I Holla? (Wassup)
7. They Ain't Wanna See Me Make It
8. Money Maker (ft Aaryln)
9. Y'all Dun Fucked Up Now
10. Outta Control
11. Kill Bill V5
12. Money & Respect
13. Oh No U Didn't
14. U Kno How Dat Goes